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Bicycling in the Loire Valley

Cycling is big in the Loire Valley and getting better all the time. There is a huge network of bicycle lanes all over the area, the most famous one being of course the long distance “Loire à vélo“ path, that leads over 800 km from Nevers in Burgundy to the Atlantic Ocean.
You don’t have to be quite that ambitious though. Why not just amble from chateau to chateau on two wheels, pedal from one vineyard to the next or along one of the rivers or through a forest? The regional tourist office has created dozens of loops between 8 and 40 km long, taking in many of the sights and attractions. The loops can also be linked up to make a more challenging tour. They are all well signposted and there is a leaflet in French and English to describe each one individually. All ages and all levels of fitness are catered for. Start right in front of our door for some of them, or take your car or the train to the starting point of others.

 Bikes (traditional push-bike as well as e-bikes) can be rented in Chinon or Bréhémon (right next to the river Loire) and bicycles can also be delivered, if you wish to rent one for several days. If you are really serious about cycling we recommend you bring your own bicycle. 

Our lockable bicycle shed includes laundry facilities, a washer-dryer, a sink and a clothes drying rack, all at your disposal. We are also on hand to help you choose and plan your excursions with the help of maps and leaflets. 

Whether you want to spend a few hours or a few days in the saddle, the Loire Valley is a paradise for cyclists and a great way to discover the sights at a leisurely pace. Get on your bike!
Voie VerteNew : The Bike- and Footpath between Chinon and Richelieu 

The former railway line between Chinon and Richelieu has recently been turned into a greenway for cyclists and hikers. A 20 k long, completely traffic free lane links the two towns and also offers 10 stations where you can read up on the nature and culture of our area. Several picnic spots have also been created, so you can stop for a well earned break.

La Closerie Saint Martin is only about 300 meters from the greenway and we love to use it ourselves!